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Samuel Nicholson

Junior High Ministry Director


I've been in ministry since I was young, but there's something special about young people. I involved myself in Youth Ministry after moving to the U.S.A. and it has become a passion of mine to watch young people grow in their relationships with God as well as help guide them through the Jr. High and High School experience. They are the future of the church and I want to share God's amazing message with the students in Visalia.

Maddy Adams
Nathaniel Serrato

Assistant to Creative Arts & Youth


I got involved with Youth Ministry to try and be the person I needed when I was a student for someone else. I love the energy, excitement and fun that teenaged students have and also their need for not only a relationship with someone who can mentor them, but a relationship with God. Youth Ministry holds a special place in my heart because it was how I became a Christian and connected with the Church, so I want others to do the same.

High School Ministry Director


I'm involved because I love God, talking about God and I love working with students so this is a way that I can share my passions with other people. This world is moving further and further away from God, so raising up the next generation to honor God will make an impact that will last for eternity.